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Jersey Night Comedy always plays at the top of our intelligence, and is dedicated to providing our clients and their audiences with top-notch, all inclusive entertainment.



Do you need a way to raise money for your non-profit organization? A comedy fundraiser is an excellent way to raise funds for your charity. Our team is experienced in ensuring your event will be a complete success.


​We will take care of all aspects of the event leaving you to handle more pressing matters.

JNC will create the environment, hire top-notch entertainers, and make sure that your fundraiser is a successful, entertaining event.



We will gather and review all information about your event. Some of our clients have requested that we provide comedians that only perform clean material, while others have asked we provide them with anything goes, down and dirty type comedy.


Once we determine exactly what you're looking for we will comb through our extensive entertainment database to precidely match the "best-fit" comedians that will make your comedy night a hit! 


JNC is known for producing professional shows and workshops for corporate functions including: Holiday parties, retirement parties, and other  special events.

Bring us in early to design an imaginative experience for your company. Our team will brainstorm ideas for you to choose from, and keep you updated as we create a show that will exceed all expectations.



You have a delicious cuisine, a bar chock full of goodies and an incredible ambience. What you need now is a little comedic spice to the room.

JNC can put together shows that will fill seats while increasing your total food and beverage sales for the night. Relax in knowing you have a dedicated team helping your bottom line.
Our combined efforts will produce an experience your customers will not soon forget.


JNC will deliver, setup, and breakdown all necessary equipment to ensure the proper dynamics are at work during the comedy show performance.


Site surveys are preformed weeks prior to your scheduled date. We will walk you through the most optimal set up to achieve the highest quality entertainment. Then we'll breakdown the equipment and restore the performance area to its original configuration.


Our exclusive service includes full online ticket sales and management. We will create a sales page to host your event, and give potential buyers a place to purchase tickets ahead of time.


In addition, we can send out invitations and special promotions on your behalf to members, customers, or supporters at any time.


Full reporting including a breakdown of charges and sales will be provided upon request.


JNC has the largest social media following in New Jersey with thousands of Facebook, Twitter, and Meetup followers.


JNC has the ability to boost posts, reaching 1.2 miilion users in New Jersey alone. A careful analysys will be performed to target specific demographic in particular locations if needed.  JNC's edge over its competitors is the shear volume of actual followers that has been accumulated over time by producing top notch shows.


Professional graphic artists are on hand to capture the essences of your next comedy event! It's imperative to convey the important details and quality of your event.


We'll put together the most illustrative flyers, brochure, and print media that will excite potential comedy goers.


Additionally, JNC can provide professional print services. Bulk promotional packages at discounted rates, if necessary.


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